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Pattern Tile for the Win!

If anyone knows me they know I'm obsessed with pattern tile. There is something about all the detail that gets me. Some have such intricate details that can really tell a story and when placed in the right way can bring a room to life.

I have to admit that yes I've always had a love for tile but after my trip to Spain I became tile crazed lol. They literally had stunning hand made tiles everywhere. Walls, steps, ceilings, windowsills, door frames and the city streets! Once I got home I used all that inspiration in my designs and started to use these incredible patterned tiles in places you wouldn't typically see them ie. Kitchen islands and vanity walls.

I know that Patterned tile is not for everyone but for those of you that love it as much as I do I thought I'd Share my top 5 2019 favourites and how I'd place them.

Style 1. Black and White Miss-Matched. This pattern has been used a lot over the last couple years but it still hasn't gotten old and it's a great way to make a statement.

I like using this bold pattern in small spaces as it can sometimes be overwhelming if

over done. It works great on a small powder

room floor, a single vanity wall or on the

hearth of a simple fireplace.

Style 2. Colourful Spanish Tile.

These work well if you are not afraid of colour and have a more boho or eclectic sense of style. I would use these as a kitchen backsplash, kitchen island front, entry tile carpet and fireplace surround.

Style 3. Mid-Century Retro.

There are many shades of this style pattern but since its my top 5 I chose pink. These tiles are definitely more on the fun side. You have to be open to something bold and eccentric to have these in your space. I would use these as an office accent wall, bathroom vanity wall, powder room/ bathroom floor, fireplace surround.

Style 4. French Revival.

These are definitely more traditional in print. These are tiles that have to be used in larger spaces in order to see their full beauty since they sit in 12" by 12" patterns. I would use these as full bathroom floor tile, a large entry way tile, laundry room floor tile, kitchen floor tile, large shower or vanity walls and last but not least a fireplace wall/surround (only if you have a bit more then 12" on each side).

Style 5. Vintage Stars.

I love this look if you have a new space you are trying to make old. this style works best for a modern farm house, coastal/boho and eclectic.

They are great for an island front, powder room floor, entry tile carpet, fireplace surround, vanity wall, backsplash, and laundry room tile.

Hopefully this inspired you to start placing awesome tiles all around your spaces!

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