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Home Staging and How it Works

When someone asks me to stage their home to sell I often ask to do a tour of their home . In this tour they will often point out all of the flaws or lists of work that was never completed in the home. They often worry that their furniture is too bulky or out of date and will not show well to potential buyers. Sometimes I'll get lucky and the client will say "I'll do whatever it takes to sell for top dollar" because they know as well as I do staging sells.

For those that don't really believe it maybe this post will change your mind.

The misconception of staging is that staging is meant to hide all of the issues in the home like scratched walls or floors and leaking pipes. the truth is that staging is meant to enhance a home and allow a potential buyer to understand it. To be able to visualize themselves sitting on the sofa and cooking in the kitchen. Staging is really meant to take out the guess work making sense of seemingly useless spaces. It allows people to see what proper furniture sizing looks like and gives them a sense of how they will be able to make it their own.

These images below are prime examples of enhancing a space. To some people this might look like a useless space but with the proper staging it becomes an office and reading nook.

Often times people think home staging equals big money and realistically some people don't have extra thousands of dollars in the bank but staging doesn't necessarily mean out with the old in with the new. Sometimes staging is just adding a new light fixture, re arranging some furniture and adding a few accessories.

These images are prime examples of using current furniture and just swapping out some pieces to properly identify the space and appeal to everyone not just the person currently living there. This was a budget friendly update that went a long way.

Hopefully this helped you understand staging a little better. Stay tuned for next weeks post where I'll share some tips and tricks on home staging.

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