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My Holiday Home Tour

Happy Holidays!

This is my absolute favourite time of year. While people are planning their halloween costumes I'm already planning what Christmas decor will go where lol. I usually decorate Nov 1st but this year I was a little behind and pushed it to mid November hence why this christmas blog is so late.

Every year I go back and forth on what Christmas theme I'm going for because there are so many to choose from and all so beautiful so to avoid the long decision process I asked my 3 year old what he liked and he said lots of lights, red balls and santa so right away I knew this year we were going for the Hallmark Christmas look ( basically it will look like christmas exploded in your house)

I try to to decorate in all the rooms that we like to spend the most time in so we can feel the Christmas spirit as long as possible. I typically don't decorate the bedrooms but my little guy requested decorations in his room this year and I loved it so I think next year all the bedrooms will get done.

The theme will dictate on how you decorate and since I went christmas explosion it basically consisted of tons of wreaths, garlands, pillows,throws, nutcrackers, reindeer, Santas, faux snow and anything else christmasy you can think of.

Instead of describing all my decor choices for each room I thought I'd show you so check out my Christmas home tour below.


This is our family room. I kept this room really fun and geared towards a child as this is where my 3 yr old spends the most time. We have a little tree filled with fun plush ornaments so if they fall no one will get hurt. The room consists of woodland decor pieces (those are my sons favourite and a lot of mixed plaid .... like I said christmas explosion).

Where to get the items?

Tree - Loblaws (yes I was grocery shopping and saw it and couldn't resist.)

Merry Christmas garland - Home Sense Canada

Racoon stocking - Indigo

Plaid tree skirt, pillows, throws, furs - Home Sense

Christmas ornaments - A mix of Canadian tire, Dollarama and Home Sense.


Going into the sitting room aka adult room I kept the same theme just a little more mature as this is where my husband and I tend to hang out and where we entertain.

My favourite thing is seeing the tree all lit up and slowly the watching the pile of presents grow under the tree.

Although the room is beautiful during the day there is just something special about a lit tree at night.

Is the tree real? Nope! Its a Home Sense find. It looks extremely real and has tricked most of our guests. This is our second year with it and its absolutely amazing.

A little trick to still have that fresh pine smell with a fake tree is to put a pine air freshener hidden in the tree.

All the sacks and majority of the ornaments are from Home Sense. The tree skirt, accent pillows and some ornaments are from Pottery Barn.

My area rug...... yes I change some of my rugs for the holidays is a Wayfair find.


The dining room is connected to the sitting room so I kept the same design flowing through there as well. I originally just had table decor on the dining set but it didn't feel like it was enough so I added some accent cushions on the chairs to liven it up.

Again this tree is from Loblaws I got at the same time as my little family room tree.

The nutcracker, table runner and garland and tree pot are all Home Sense finds.

Stockings - Pottery Barn

Chair cushions - Ikea (they currently have a really cute little Holiday shop right now)


And lastly my son's room. He had a lot of say on what went where and what he liked and didn't like. I have to admit this room was the most fun because it made me feel like a little kid again.

This room has pieces from a lot of places,

Tree - Ikea

Tree ornaments - Pottery Barn, Home Sense, Dollorama

Felt garland, accent pillows, stocking hangers - Home Sense

Bedding - Pottery Barn

Penguin rug, wreath, tinsel garland - Dollorama


A closer look at the decor.

So now that you've seen my Christmas home from a bunch of wreaths, lots of garland, a mini christmas wonderland on my entry table and my two favourite tree ornaments I'd love to see your Christmas style so please feel free to share.

Happy Holidays!

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Dec 12, 2019

It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

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