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Blacked Out

In light of halloween this week I thought I'd create a dark blog post this week and by dark i mean black interiors. From Kitchens to bedrooms it seems like black is taking over and I love it! When done properly blacked out interiors can not only look stunning but can feel so inviting.

I have to admit at first black everything scared me a little because I am a lover of colour and light but over time I've learned how to mix the right wood tones and lighting against the dark and i have to admit I now try to create dark spaces all the time.

Here are 3 different rooms where black can look incredible and how to achieve the look.

1. Kitchen. I know kitchens are commonly very light in colour but now a days dark cabinetry is taking over. In black kitchen designs I like to include two toned cabinetry in matte black and natural walnut to warm it up a little while keeping the space dark. If you are really looking to black out the space then using a black marble or quartz counter top and backsplash will work nicely. When doing this it is very important to add under cabinet lighting and island/peninsula lighting to illuminate the space. When choosing your lighting make sure it is on a dimmer to allow bright light for food prep and soft light for entertaining. keep in mind this is just one way to do it you can change the entire vibe by adding in white counter tops and a patterned back splash.

Black Contemporary Kitchen
Note how warm the under lighting makes the space feel

2. Master Bedroom. A dark master should be on everyones list! When thinking of a master suite you typically think of adjectives such as relaxing, retreat, romantic, cozy, intimate etc... and there is no better way then adding some dark features to achieve all of those.

One way is paint/wall paper all the walls dark, add accent furniture like night stands in a medium wood tones (walnut is my favourite), add texture with area rugs, accent pillows and bedding. Think about using silks and furs for a more intimate atmosphere along with dark linens. Create mood lighting by adding wall sconces on either sides of the bed and a chandelier above the bed and keep the lighting in the room soft white rather then a natural white.

A romantic classical master bedroom
How cozy does this bed look?

3. Powder Room. A powder room is typically a small room that often gets over looked which is odd since it is the bathroom mainly used by your guests. I always suggest going bold in this space since it is pretty small I feel that personality is needed and lets face it nothing says bold like black walls and big prints. Creating a dark moody powder rooms is probably one of my favourite things to do as a designer. You can take a really basic space and make it feel like you've stepped into a hotel bathroom with just a few simple steps.

Step 1, Dark walls. Whether you lacquer them black, add textured wall paper or tile them just make sure its dark! Step 2, add a patterned tile to the floor. This can be black and white or vibrant depending on the look you wish to achieve. Step 3, a really unique vanity. I always love a marble slab sink with thin medal legs. Step 4 is all about the lighting. Add dim lit wall sconces on either side of the mirror or one above if limited on space. Step 5, accessories. Add fun art pieces to the walls to make the black pop.

Old hotel inspired powder room
The pops of gold and the striped flooring really make this powder room pop

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1 Comment

Oct 29, 2019

Absolutely stunning I admire both views light and dark depending on the season and mood.

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