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Living that Pink Life... 5 ways to add pink into your space.

Who Loves the idea of living in pink but a little scared of it being too out there or not sure how to put it together? Or maybe you have a spouse that might not appreciate a full pink room lol.

Well not to worry I have come up with a few fun ways to bring prink into your space without it over powering your home.

1. A soft pink sofa. You might initially think that a pink sofa might not be a settle way to add in pink but i can assure you with some added neutral accessories and a few wood elements like a great coffee table you can make the room feel soft and girly but yet super masculine and appeal to anyone walking through your door.

2. A pink area rug. Now a days distressed rugs are very in and luckily for us they come in a ray of colours and prints. By adding a pink multi-coloured distressed rug to your space you'll get that pink touch while staying on trend.

3. Pink accessories. This one is my favourites! You can add throws, cushions, and table accessories all in pink. I'm not suggesting you make every accessory pink but you can place a couple pink cushions in different shades on the sofa with other non pink cushions and then add a couple small pink ornaments on the coffee table and any shelving units you may have.

4. Pink walls. This one might not fly if you share a space with someone who doesn't love pink as much as you but by adding a fresh coat of something like Benjamin Moore's First Light 2102-70 your space will feel modern, bright and totally fun!

5. Combine them. This option might seem like it will be un realistic but if you have an open minded partner or you live alone it can definitely be accomplished. Start with a soft pink wall colour like my fave mentioned in #4. Next you would get a bit of darker area rug that has other colours in it as well (greys and beiges for a softer palette or greens and blue for a more vibrant and bold look). Place a very light pink almost beige sofa to continue with the neutral palette or place a deep pink almost mauve for that fun look. Once you have all the main items to build your room you now stay clear of pink in the added items. Your coffee table and remaining furnishings should be metals, natural stones and wood. Add in a couple accent chairs in tan leathers or white linen for the softer palette and try bold colours like royal blue and hunter green for the more bold scheme. Add fun pops of gold as it tends to play off pink well and add other coloured pillows and throws. To finish it off place some black and white or muted wall art some greenery and..... voila you're living that pink life!

Have fun designing!

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