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5 Ways to liven up your kitchen on a budget

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Have you just purchased a home and your kitchen is super builder grade? Or have you lived in your home for a while and are just bored of your kitchen? Well i have a couple little tricks that can really make a difference without any real renovations and can totally be budget friendly too!

1. Texture. Walls can look great plain but sometimes a little texture can go a long way in a room. By adding features such as wall paper, shiplap or tile you will completely change the look of the room and also the way it feels.

2. Lighting. Lighting is one of my favourite design elements. By adding new light fixtures you can change the entire ambiance of the room. When purchasing lights they can be priced from the low $100's to the high $1000's so keep in mind your budget and i always suggest scanning through wayfair first as they have an awesome selection and even better pricing! Also note then when purchasing lighting the bulb itself adds to the look so anything for task spaces should be a natural white light where as entertaining areas are usually lit with a soft white light to provide a more moody vibe; dimmers can also be placed so you can make a room as dark or as light as you would like.

3. The Island/Peninsula. If you are lucky enough to have either an island or a peninsula in your kitchen then take advantage and deck it out! By facing it with a fun pattern tile or even just painting it a different colour then your cabinets you will automatically transform the kitchen.

4. The hardware. Hardware is the easiest thing to replace in a kitchen and one of the items that makes the biggest difference. If your hardware is super modern and you're trying to get a more modern farmhouse look then you can swap them for something with a little more detail in a brushed brass or black and voila you went from super modern to not so modern just like that!

5. Hood Vent. Stock hood vents usually don't look like anything special. They are typically stainless steel and boring. Thankfully they are actually fully customizable. You can have a basic hood vent covered with a custom casing for it or even have one custom made from scratch! Many mill workers and cabinetry makers are able to create this. If your stuck on how you would like it to look just scroll through Pinterest and you'll find tons of awesome designs.

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